A whirlwind trip to the space

I was sitting comfortably on the settee, all geared up to watch an Aurora through the  window sill. Chuou chuou chucho…bit by bit…I heard a quivering noise. The decibels of it only increased with every passing hour. Was it an alien, I thought to myself, for I was reading about space science just then. It was a story about a black hole that captured my imagination. I was so much caught up with the story that I began to think about gravity and Milky Way like never before. Just then a hovercraft racer zipped past and that caused a crater in my thinking patterns.

Time lapse seemed to envelope as some cosmic scenes continued to show outside the window sill unabated. Adding to it, flying cars and flying bikes crossed over one another. I was caught between scenes at my eye level and above my eye level.  A robot suddenly surfaced from nowhere. It spoke about exploring the possibilities of nanotechnology and teleportation to crack hurdles in the space. Using its sixth sense, the robot arranged for a time machine. A domino effect was seen with the usage of both the time machine and teleportation, and with people using their scientific temper to experiment with issues grappling life in Mars.

Courtesy: Google Images

Courtesy: Google Images

I was dazed with the scenes around me, and for a moment I felt like the superhero Iron Man who had to escape from the fear of captivity and save his life. I called for help from the guardians of the galaxy. They arrived in no time and took me away through a wormhole to the space town. Our spacecraft sure looked like a UFO. A feeling of euphoria set in me.

PS: How do you find the sci-fi story? Yours truly happened to weave it for fun. 🙂

An alien and an ally

Cool and silent was the night as I kept wandering around my granny’s backyard. Humming a lilting song, I was dreaming of an idealistic future one could have. Amidst the croaking of frogs and faint sounds of insects, there was I simply enjoying the bliss of human solitude.

Suddenly as my thoughts soared high, I looked up the sky. Lo! Something came flashing just above my eyes. For a moment, it did give me quite a turn. Ah, here was a strange creature with multiple legs and a tail…its body covered with radium-like sparkling stripes. With its zombie-like eyes staring at me and its two purple-coloured wings briskly flapping around me, it was – needless to say – quite a horrifying sight. Braving my fear, I asked, “Who are you?” The poor creature quivered and answered in a plaintive voice: “I belong to planet Zonca. I had come to planet Earth with my bosom friend. Leaving her alone in our spacecraft, I went in search of a surprise Christmas gift for her. Now I find myself here. I have lost my signal wristband and I have no means of contacting her. I feel so helpless.”

Looking at my fixed gaze, the creature went on to say: “Don’t worry, I’m as harmless as you are. You can take my word for it.”  A wave of sympathy ran through me. On an impulse, I collected some logs of woods and made a bonfire. The flames were so powerful that they licked the sky. Sure enough they attracted the spacecraft – a flying saucer – which was heading back to its native planet. With flaming signals reaching it, the flying saucer came down swiftly. The alien happily climbed on to it. Reuniting with its friend, it waved a gleeful “thank you” at me. 🙂

PS: This is an abridged version of a sci-fi story I’d written for a college journal few years ago.