Lights of hope, prosperity

A new festival arrives and this time it is one of lights;

These lights stand as a beacon of hope to perish the evil sprites.

The surroundings look welcoming and brightened;

It is about time to recharge and feel enlightened.

Earthen lamps and lanterns are the cynosure of all eyes;

Fireworks are avoided or kept to a minimum by the wise.

Ecofriendly alternatives are the best for celebrations;

It is just to contain pollution and its ramifications.

The festival is a delight to the connoisseurs of food,

The menu is elaborate and extremely good.

Deepavali heralds a renewed phase of prosperity;

It is celebrated with vivacity and it enjoys popularity.

May the festive aura greet you with rapture!

I sign off by wishing you a bright future.

–  Rukma Vasudev

Festive lights