A sketchy hello

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. It is so true. Yours truly enjoys taking casual snapshots and serious photographs of the flora, the fauna and the homo sapiens – be it on a routine day, an event, or any travel undertaken. Although I rarely get to share them, I do feel it is worthwhile to store memories and relive them down the line as a matter of flashback!

It is world photography day today – August 19. As a mark of celebration, I am posting some sketches from among the humble ones made in the last few years. Sketching used to be a hobby during school days. It somehow got buried subsequently.  Well, let me tell you that a rekindled hobby can give you sparkling joy. Try one yourself and let me know how it feels!

Happy sketching and photographing!

– Rukma Vasudev


Canine attraction

Bow! Bow! Bow! So I heard the sound.
Wow! Wow! Wow! So was I spellbound.

Hop, hop, hop – so I went to the scene of action.
Romp, romp, romp – so were they tended on with passion.

Lo, a bunch of five cuddly puppies lay in the garden!
They looked up as if to say we were their guardian.

The mother dog was a brownie,
She looked scary and scrawny.

We offered her bread and some solace,
And her puppies, some shoelace!

They began to run and play,
But they were too tiny for a relay.

Ah, they left us bowled over by their mime,
Only to attract from us a gleeful rhyme.

They were sure to guard our home,
while we were away in Rome!

–  Rukma Vasudev

Lovable puppies

Lovable puppies

Uncanny Cotton

She is an epitome of determination,

And she catches our imagination;

“Meawe” is her way of greeting,

And this is a start to an eventful meeting.

We call her “Cotton” endearingly,

For she sports a thick fur elegantly.  

A street feline that she is, she appears rustic.

But her grace is dotted with mystique.

She comes home inspecting, only to bring her litter –

Two cuddly kittens, who, together form the big hitter.

Our home is theirs, and eventually we are to be the foster parents.

This continues year on year and the boundless joys are our patents.

Pouncing and prancing, the kittens leave us mesmerized.

In no time, they grow up, gifting us memories king-sized.

–  Rukma Vasudev

Cotton with Brownie & Blackie

Cotton with Brownie & Blackie

PS: Hope you’ve had a great start to 2014. May all your dreams come true!

A striped attraction

Stripes of white, black and yellow hues caught my attention;

The bearers of these stripes lived in an open mansion.

Oh, they were walking up and down majestically,

And I dreamt of joining the bandwagon magically.

One of them came so near, brushing against our vehicle.

And this was the closest sight ever I could chronicle.

Indeed it was the Bengal tiger that left me in raptures.

I kept gaping at it and made some friendly overtures;

It responded with a loud purr that left me enchanted.

It went on the prowl, leaving its footprints implanted.

I was left pondering why the big cats are so magnetic;

It’s just that their wild-but-innocent ways are enigmatic.

How I wish their tribe is protected from poaching,

And we could preserve our ecology from spoiling!

–  Rukma Vasudev

Big cat

PS: This big cat was so lovable. It earned the nickname Shule from yours truly. 🙂