Gouden leven

You gotta live life to its fullest & zestfully, for each one of us lives just once! As we seek to grow in a meaningful way, during different situations in life, we tend to display attributes of an inquisitive learner, a knowledgeable teacher, an innocent child, a pragmatic adult, an avid traveller, a stoic philosopher, a trustworthy friend, etc.

Situations in life (leven for life – in Dutch) could turn me into a child, a learner, a teacher, a philosopher, etc, while there are roles that I desire to pick and choose, and work around the situations that these roles would offer. It’s fun either way and this makes life golden (gouden for golden – in Dutch) & beautiful. (Also, my given name means golden!)

The blogsite has been created in a Dutch-speaking land. Hence a Dutch name to it!

I intend to pen my thoughts randomly on different aspects of life. Hope you enjoy reading my blogs! 🙂



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