A sketchy hello

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. It is so true. Yours truly enjoys taking casual snapshots and serious photographs of the flora, the fauna and the homo sapiens – be it on a routine day, an event, or any travel undertaken. Although I rarely get to share them, I do feel it is worthwhile to store memories and relive them down the line as a matter of flashback!

It is world photography day today – August 19. As a mark of celebration, I am posting some sketches from among the humble ones made in the last few years. Sketching used to be a hobby during school days. It somehow got buried subsequently.  Well, let me tell you that a rekindled hobby can give you sparkling joy. Try one yourself and let me know how it feels!

Happy sketching and photographing!

– Rukma Vasudev


3 thoughts on “A sketchy hello

  1. Very nice creative work for a beginner! I encourage you Rukma to continue your efforts because you seem to have a great determination.

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