Canine attraction

Bow! Bow! Bow! So I heard the sound.
Wow! Wow! Wow! So was I spellbound.

Hop, hop, hop – so I went to the scene of action.
Romp, romp, romp – so were they tended on with passion.

Lo, a bunch of five cuddly puppies lay in the garden!
They looked up as if to say we were their guardian.

The mother dog was a brownie,
She looked scary and scrawny.

We offered her bread and some solace,
And her puppies, some shoelace!

They began to run and play,
But they were too tiny for a relay.

Ah, they left us bowled over by their mime,
Only to attract from us a gleeful rhyme.

They were sure to guard our home,
while we were away in Rome!

–  Rukma Vasudev

Lovable puppies

Lovable puppies

10 thoughts on “Canine attraction

  1. Very creative and enjoyable read!!! It reminded me of the time in Tumkur when a similar incident happend during my childhood. A mother dog and her puppies had made home in our garden… As i went to go see what the commotion was, the mother dog let out a big BARK at me and i immediately ran back inside and I can still recall my trembling feet from the fear of that bark haha! The mother was being over protective !

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