Uncanny Cotton

She is an epitome of determination,

And she catches our imagination;

“Meawe” is her way of greeting,

And this is a start to an eventful meeting.

We call her “Cotton” endearingly,

For she sports a thick fur elegantly.  

A street feline that she is, she appears rustic.

But her grace is dotted with mystique.

She comes home inspecting, only to bring her litter –

Two cuddly kittens, who, together form the big hitter.

Our home is theirs, and eventually we are to be the foster parents.

This continues year on year and the boundless joys are our patents.

Pouncing and prancing, the kittens leave us mesmerized.

In no time, they grow up, gifting us memories king-sized.

–  Rukma Vasudev

Cotton with Brownie & Blackie

Cotton with Brownie & Blackie

PS: Hope you’ve had a great start to 2014. May all your dreams come true!

5 thoughts on “Uncanny Cotton

  1. Cats: you can never tame them, because they are arrogant, sulky and moody. They constantly give this feeling that they can fend well enough for themselves; that they take the milk you feed them as a favour to you.

    Dogs: always loving, caring, faithful, honest. Dependent.

    No wonder, I love the cats better! 😀

  2. A real cute poem on Cotton!! Liked the poem and the picture that followed the poem.
    Very good dear!! Keep up the spirit of writing more n more.

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