A trail to remember

Tweet…tweet…tweet …so I heard the beeps;

The beeps suddenly turned into shrieks and then into peeps;

And this goaded me to jump from my comfy seat.

As I walked up to the next room and looked up, I sighted something very sweet;

They were birds…the red-vented bulbul variety!

I grabbed my lens to capture the homely rarity.

There were two bulbuls perched on the chandelier in the drawing room.

They were chattering away to glory and I was tempted to join the chorus with a boom.

Oh, what joy they brought as they kept playing, letting themselves loose.

Ah, they were so chirpy in the concrete abode, in a way appearing recluse.

They inspected every corner under the skylight as if to build a nest;

And it seemed like they were putting all their skills to test!

Lo, by then, a third bulbul came calling out and the trio bid a goodbye, leaving a trail.

Huh, guess what sort of a trail?! They were the ‘droppings’ that looked like a rail…! 

–  Rukma Vasudev

Red-vented bulbul

16 thoughts on “A trail to remember

  1. A very sweet poem indeed.:-) You must have liked the bird visit so much that you have broken into a poem.:-)
    Hope to read more such poetry!

  2. Good poem, made me picture the bulbuls and their antics. What’s next in your kitty of literary activities?:)

  3. Very nice poem. After seeing the pics and sensing your excitement about the birds on emails, this poem lives up to your vivid appreciation of the scene. Nice 🙂

  4. I pencil sketched a bulbul this evening and it’s there for you to see right after the poem. I call it my version of a bulbul. 😉

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