Tranquil Trondheim

We travelled to Trondheim from Oslo by an express train. Well, Trondheim is in the central part and it is the third largest city in Norway. It used to be the capital city once upon a time. Thanks to its geographical position, Norway is also known as the land of midnight sun, as the sun is visible even at midnight during the summer months. The Northern Lights or the aurora borealis can be seen distinctly from this region and upwards during the long nights of the Arctic winter months, from October to March. The northern lights are an atmospheric phenomenon where colours of white and green dance in the night sky. It somewhat resembles a laser show. We were unable to see these lights as we were there during summer. Gosh! Every part of Norway is like a natural canvas and attracts a painter’s eye. It is a traveller’s and poet’s paradise as well.

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

Our friend A escorted us to his home from the station at Trondheim. It was around 7 am and the weather conditions didn’t seem to be tip-top. Ah, these weather Gods play a significant role in deciding the day’s activities especially while on vacation. Thus checking the temperature outside before we step out has become second nature to us and we equip ourselves accordingly. We rested, refreshed and gorged on some healthy home food. The trio then set out. We also had to finalize a SUV rental deal for our journey to the fjords the next day.

Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral

Breathing pollution-free fresh air, we kept wandering Trondheim’s medieval pathways.  We crossed a bridge and there was visual treat below on either side. Streams, hillocks, villas and bushes made up the landscape. We strolled around the popular Nidaros Cathedral and the Arch Bishop’s palace. We then walked ahead and had cappuccino at a local mall, and headed to an Asian shop where we shopped for fruits and other edible items for our upcoming journey. This city is home to a large student population. We had an opportunity to visit our host-friend A’s workplace: Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He showed us around. Later, while A & P ended up being glued to the computer for a while, yours truly merrily went around getting views of the city from the university’s terrace. We were then taken to the cafeteria where a piano was neatly sitting. And lo, our friend played some lilting tunes for us on that classy piano!

Scenic, isn't it?

Scenic, isn’t it?

On our last day at Trondheim, we went walking on a countryside trail close to A’s home. Lovely lakes and dams greeted us. We travelled by the 8.8 km long tramway line, which happens to be the northernmost tram line in the world. It kept moving uphill, offering fantastic views of the city. We boarded the tram at the city centre and alighted at the last station close to Bymarka where the city’s recreation centre is located. We stayed there for a few minutes and then took the same tram to get back on time.

The TV and rotating restaurant at the top

The TV tower and rotating restaurant at the top

We met two other friends and the five of us visited a rotating restaurant atop the TV Tower in Trondheim. We feasted on some starters, veg pizzas and soft drinks. We engaged in some banter as usual and enjoyed the natural beauty around us, which we could see at a height through the windows of that tower restaurant. For a moment, the scenery appeared to rotate around us although it was the other way round! 🙂