Melk, Dürnstein, Krems

During our stay in a vibrant Austria, along with a new group of friends, yours truly went on a day trip to a few interesting places along the Wachau valley: Melk, Dürnstein and Krems. The Wachau valley that is formed by the river Danube has a culturally scenic landscape. This landscape of Wachau is on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

The Abbey Museum, room oneThe Abbey Museum, room two View from the Abbey

The Stift Melk Abbey, an Austrian Benedictine Abbey in Melk, founded in the year 1089 looked aesthetically beautiful what with river Danube overlooking it and the Wachau valley flowing close to it. Stift Melk Abbey is one of the most important monastic sites in the world. The Abbey Museum was special in that every room had a unique coloured lighting and a rich history to showcase – mostly about the Monastery and its values in the form of paintings and portraits. There were eleven rooms in varied vibrant hues.

The next visit was to the Monastery’s library – it was an ancient one and housed numerous medieval manuscripts. The library also housed books on medicine, philosophy, theology, geography, astronomy, history, Baroque lexicon, etc. Frescos by the Austrian painter, Paul Troger of the Baroque period looked marvellous.  We had lunch at the Abbey’s restaurant. Luckily, an all-vegetarian meal was available.

The Abbey LibraryThe Abbey ChurchThe Castle

We hopped on our vehicle to go to Dürnstein of the Krems district in Lower Austria – one of the nine states in Austria. Walking along the narrow cobbled lane streets was a great pleasure as always. Dürnstein is also popular for the ruins of its Kuenringer Castle. Terraced vineyards too were seen in this pretty town.

Dürnstein A lane in Dürnstein Danube river

Our final halt was at Krems. It was another hot spot by the Wachau valley of Lower Austria. Krems is both a municipality and a district.

Steiner Tor in KremsParish Church of St Vitus

We saw the Steiner Tor gate built in the Baroque style, which is considered to be a symbol of the town of Krems. The Parish Church of St Vitus was ornamental. Well, it was 5 pm and it was time to leave. We had an ice cream before waving a goodbye to the Wachau region of Austria. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Melk, Dürnstein, Krems

  1. I was recently in both Melk and Durnstein and your post brought back nice memories. I really, really liked the library in the abbey. The Wachau Valley is indeed a beautiful spot.

  2. As always something new to know about from your travels.Even your one day sojourn has been turned into a beautiful memoir.Nice!

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