It’s France and Italy this time!

We enjoyed our trip to The Netherlands last week. It’s time for yet another trip!

It’s good to plan your travel well in advance. You gotta decide the mode of transport and book tickets ahead of time. Likewise, you need to take care of the lodging/accommodation. These travel related websites and guidebooks offer valuable insights into the intricacies of travel.

We’re heading to southern France and Italy in a couple of days! (This is my third visit to France in less than a year! Phew!) It is interesting to note that we are also visiting the world’s smallest countries: Monaco and the Vatican city! In all, we’re covering four countries this time: France; Monaco; Italy & the Vatican City!

All the packing and preparation work seem to be happening with gusto! Btw, we got our Lonely Planet guide for a) Italy and b) Provence & the Cote D’azur a couple of weeks ago. It feels good to read about the places you’re visiting so you know what to look for and forward to in your travel!

Hope to have a pleasant journey!