Reflective travelling!

They say reading maketh a man. It makes sense to say travelling too adds to one’s personality! Besides the fun element to it, the sheer experience of traversing a different land and witnessing a potpourri of culture could make a significant difference to the way you perceive the world around you.

You could feel humbled by the very sight of majestic, imperial buildings and monuments; different species of flora and fauna surrounding you and what not! It’s very interesting to meet people in a foreign land and get first-hand information about the locale you’ve stepped into.

Besides the landscape, it’s the culture that distinguishes one place from the other, one country from the other. Culture has many facets to it: language; food; customs; traditions. Broadly speaking, culture has social, environmental and economic dimensions. As a traveller, if you keenly observe and fathom the nuances of culture, it would only add to your experience! It is also very meaningful to reflect upon your travel once it’s over for that period. This would turn into a complete learning experience, and perhaps you could call it reflective travelling!

For seasoned and reflective travellers, the way they relate to aspects of life seem to change gradually!

Btw, what’s stopping you from travelling if you have the money, interest and time?! The burgeoning travel industry out there is ready to help you with suitable travel and accommodation options! It’s even better if you could just help yourself by looking up the Net and by reading some travelogues! 🙂